Test and certification services

Tests of environmental impact

Investigation of equipment immunity and resistance to environmental factors.

The scope of offered investigations includes:

  •  investigation of immunity and resistance to mechanical factors (vibrations and shocks) for compliance to such standards as MIL STD-810, NO-06-A103, NO-06-A107,
  •  investigation of immunity and resistance to weather factors for compliance to such standards as MIL STD-810, NO-06-A103, NO-06-A107,

Investigation of immunity and resistance to mechanical factors
The setup for investigation of immunity and resistance to mechanical factors includes an electromagnetic vibration shaker TIRA with auxiliary equipment, sliding table for displacement of the device down three coordinate axes and a controller of vibrations and shocks together with sensors and control software.

The setup enables exposure of equipment subjected to tests to the following impacts:
Maximum impact force (sinusoidal/random/shocks)35 kN/35 kN/70 kN
Frequency range5 – 3000 Hz
Maximum displacement (peak to peak)50,8 mm
Maximum acceleration (sinusoidal/random/shocks)100g/100g/200g
Maximum speed (sinusoidal/random/shocks)1,8 ms-1/1,8 ms-1/2,5 ms-1
Weight of the movable armature of the exciter36,5 kg
Diameter of the exciter armature440 mm
Maximum weight of objects subjected to tests down the vertical axis (only exciter)up to 600 kg
Exposure direction (down X and Y axes via the sliding table and with rotation of an object under test)w trzech osiach
Maximum acceleration of an empty sliding table (the moving weight of the sliding table together with the armature is 141 kg)25g
Maximum weight of objects to be placed on a sliding tabledo 2000 kg
Dimensions of the moving plate of the sliding table1000 x 1000 mm

Investigation of immunity and resistance to weather factors

The laboratory is equipped with such test equipment as a climatic chamber, thermal chamber and a vacuum chamber. These facilities make it possible to carry out detailed tests.

Parameters of test chambers:

Climatic chamber VUK 08/1500 from Heraeus VOTSCH
working volume WxHxD1 x 1 x 1,5 m3
zakres temperatur-50 do +150 °C
temperature range10 – 98 %

Thermal chamber VMT 08/64 from Heraeus VOTSCH
working volume WxHxD0,3 x 0,4 x 0,27 m3
temperature range-60 do +150 °C

Vacuum chamber
working volumecylinder 0,56 m x 0,6 m
negative pressuredo -0,1 MPa

The foregoing equipment can be used for environmental testing (simulation of temperature and air humidity variations) included into:

  •  resistance of equipment to the effect of weather conditions during operation or storage,
  •  simulation of any climatic conditions according to international standards, e.g. investigation of weather resistance of materials and subassemblies to so called shock exposures.

In case when tests are carried out to establish overall resistance to low atmospheric pressure during air transportation, the equipment subjected to tests can be cooled down to the required temperature of -50C in a separate thermal chamber and then transferred to the chamber with low atmospheric pressure to carry the test on.


Test setup for investigation of equipment resistance to atmospheric precipitations.

The test setup designed for investigation of equipment total immunity and resistance to atmospheric precipitations (rain) enables spray irrigation of both military and civilian equipment and vehicles. The overall size of the setup is as follows:

  • Working dimensions (W x H x L) 4.2 x 4.4 x 9 [m]
  • Spaying intensity up to 8 mm/min

Due to location of the test setup in open (unroofed) space, temperature drops below 0°C, make execution of spaying tests infeasible.