Research and development

The Research and Development Centre for Mechanical Equipment OBRUM runs comprehensive scientific, research and development projects with the objective to compile engineering documentation so that the production of newly designed or upgraded items could be launched by manufacturing plants.

At OBRUM we are able to undertake projects and research studies that are crucial to upgrade and modernize equipment that is already in use by Polish Army, but our major task consists in testing of modern and up-to-date equipment that meets expectation of our customers and is intended for subsequent implementation into troops of Polish Army. Our key customers and partners include land troops of army, including tank brigades as well as radiolocation and engineering battalions.

The experienced and competent research teams and other staff of the Centre enable us to endeavour tasks that need to resolve interdisciplinary scientific problems necessitating expertize in a broad scope of issues and finally, knowledge and experience of our staff is reflected in quality and reliability of final production.

Being rated among the unique scientific, research and development organizations of the country, OBRUM actively participates in programs dedicated to modernization of the Polish Army, where the OBRUM Centre itself is considered as the research and development support for the entire Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (Polish Armaments Group) with all necessary competences required in the fields of engineering, modelling as well as construction and investigation of equipment prototypes.

The past achievements of the OBRUM Centre include:

The OBRUM Centre has majored in some specific fields, including:

  • folding mobile bridges on wheeled and tracked chassis
  • military engineering vehicles
  • modular platforms on tracked chassis
  • traveling platforms for radiolocation stations
  • simulators and training workbenches
  • design and engineering of mechanical load-bearing systems,
  • strength analyzes with the use of the Finite Element Method,
  • engineering of power hydraulic systems,
  • design and engineering of automated control systems for vehicles,
  • design and engineering projects based on 3D modeling,
  • system integration,
  • training support setups (simulators and training workbenches for any vehicles, machinery and appliances), including wheeled and tracked combat vehicles.

The scope of activities is continuously enhanced with new technologies (e-learning) and fields of operation on non-military market.

Within the scope of research and development projects, OBRUM Centre gathered competences in such areas as:

  • manufacturing of simulators and training workbenches,
  • implementation of augmented reality for needs of professional applications designed for equipment monitoring,
  • maintenance and troubleshooting,
  • development of interactive operation manuals for technical equipment and appliances as well as multimedia application for tracking of equipment handling procedures,
  • use of advanced and modern environments for development of software,
  • development and enhancement of methodologies dedicated to apply imaging techniques to equipment engineering with 3D visualization in the 1:1 scale (CAVE-3D),
  • engineering of hydraulic power systems with proportional and On/Off control,
  • engineering of electric systems dedicated to specific products as well as automated systems for control and troubleshooting of vehicles.

For more than 50 years products of the OBRUM Centre have been being developed in close collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Defense and, therefore, our production substantially contribute to improvements of the state safety.