Simulators and training workstations

SK-1 simulator for crews of Wheeled Armoured Person Vehicles KTO ROSOMAK

The SK-1 simulator is a system for teaching and training purposes, designed to train how to operate weapons installed on board of wheeled ICVs of the ROSOMAK make. The system enables training of a complete crew (a driver, a gunner and a commander) under conditions that are similar to real missions.

The comprehensive shooting simulator for crews of ROSOMAK ICVs is made up of three modules:
• Instructor workstation,
• Driver workstation,
• Combat workstation (a workstation for the vehicle commander and a the gunner)

All these modules are interconnected by means of a communication network to enable common trainings for the entire crew, whilst individual trainings on separate workstations are also possible (e.g. trainings for gunners). In addition to exchange of simulation data, the communication network also offers the option to use voice links so that trainees are still able to hear each other and also remain in continuous touch with the instructor. Workstations for trainees, both in the combat and the driver modules, are equipped with imitators (functional replicas) of on-board equipment that is necessary for monitoring of the foreground area and shooting from on-board weapons of ROSOMAK vehicles. The SK-1 simulator distinguishes with a visualization system that makes it possible to use optical paths that are available on the ROSOMAK IAV.

The simulation software is managed by means of the User Interface available on the Instructor workstation. To benefit from all advantages of the simulator, instructors can use an embedded library of already prepared training courses or develop their own scenarios of missions. Primary models of the SK-1 simulators have already been substituted with a more extensive Comprehensive Simulator of Shooting for a platoon squad made up of crews conveyed on ROSOMAK vehicles.