Mobile bridges


Accompanying wheeled transported bridge

Support Bridge on wheeled chassis MS-20 “DAGLEZJA” is purposed to allow crossing over water or offroad obstacles up to 20m wide for MLC 70/110 vehicles (according to STANAG 2021 standards) as well as for infantry. The special semi-trailer allows to transport the span, change its width, arrange it in an obstacle and remove it from an obstacle. The time of readiness for the crossing over an obstacle, including full technical preparation is less than half an hour.
Vehicle set is permitted by law to moving on public roads.

MS-20 “DAGLEZJA” is a modern accompanying bridge on wheeled chassis. The set is composed
of JELCZ C662D.43 tractor with 6×6 drive, 6×6 hydraulic driven trailer, a stacker and PM-20 Span. The Span PM-20 has been designed in a way that its width in the transport position is 3 m what allows
a free passage on public roads. The width of the span roadway after unfolding is 4 m. The Span has a filling between the beams allowing the transit of vehicles and people marching. MS-20 allows for overcoming the terrain gaps of 20 m width. The bridge roadway can be used by tracked vehicles class MLC70 and wheeled vehicles class MLC 110 (MLC 80/120 – in crisis situations).

• enables quick and safe obstacle crossing for all types of vehicles and pedestrians – for natural and artificial terrain obstacles up to 20 m wide,
• is the only bridge of this type equipped with a modular bridge span with automatically moved fillings placed between roadways,
• able to move in very difficult terrain thanks to additional hydraulic drives.

The advantages:
• high mobility,
• short time of unfolding the span over the obstacle – 10 minutes,
• protection for the crew (armoured version),
• ability to work in different environmental conditions,
• authorization for public transport.