Simulators and training workstations

Comprehensive simulator for PT-91 tank crew BESKID-3

BESKID-3 simulator has been developed in order to train the crews of P-91 tank. The system allows for training of all crew members of the tank and supervision of training scenarios. The system also allows for detection of errors and faults made by soldiers during the exercises, reconstruction and presentation for discussion with trainees of conducted task. Modular construction enables to combine simulation modules to the platoon of tanks controlled from one instructor position.
BESKID-3 simulator is operated in Polish Army since 1999.


• Mobility – adapted to work in the field, installed in standard contain-ers, powered from an external power source (power generators),
• Scalable – covers the teachings needs at many levels, from the basic training to the training of entire tank crew.
• Realistic – developed with the use of original components of tank working with the computer systems interface, complete reproduction of tank working area.

The training system BESKID-3 has been developed in transport containers allowing for convenient transportation using rail, road or other means of transport. It can be easily reinstalled in different military units depends on the needs. The equipment of training compartments of the simulator imitates construction and functionality of the original devices. Instructor’s position has been arranged in a separate container allowing for supervision and registration of exercises during the whole training. Control station can also be a classroom for nine students (three tank crews). The system enables setting of various environmental conditions of the battlefield – modification of the weather, the time and the area of operation.