Simulators and training workstations

Complex simulator for T-72 tank crew BESKID-2M/K

BESKID-2M/K is a modern simulator designed to train T-72 tank crews in the following areas:
• use of the tank equipment
• moving around the battlefield
• detecting and recognizing targets
• effective firing

BESKID-2M/K is a stationary device consisting of three modules that reflect the work stations of the tank crew – commander, gunner and driver, as well as instructor station. The tank crew modules in terms
of deployment, equipment, and ergonomics reflect the compartments of the real vehicle. It is equipped with accessories and sub­systems imitators of the T-72 tank, providing functions identical to real systems. Thanks to the used solutions, this simulator offers access to a wide range of objects including several thousand models of armament. It also has an extensive scenarios editor that allows to interfere with the mission also while running.

Advantages of the BESKID-2M/K simulator:
• high quality graphical display and very detailed object models;
• editing atmospheric conditions and the initial state of the objects, the amount of ammunition or fuel;
• exercises assessment module registering among others timestamps, fire performance and other parameters necessary to properly evaluate the mission;
• user database that allows to track the progress of training by saving information about the conducted exercises.

Possibility of interfering in the course by instructor through:
• control of additional objects eg. mines and unmanned vehicles;
• calling for air support or artillery;
• adding into the simulation additional vehicles, eg. T-72;
• take control of hostile forces (firing, regroup, etc.) conducting force on force exercises.
System also have ability to integrate with other simulators for the platoon level training by joining together 4 BESKID­-2M/K simulators. It is also possible to integrate it with other simulation systems compatible with the DIS HLA pro­tocol.

Technical parameters:
• Power supply: from three-phase power grid TN-S type (3×230 / 400 V, 50 Hz)
• Operating temperature range: 10 – 35 OC
• Relative humidity: 10% – 80%
• Area required for installation of the trainer: min. 7m x 7m
• Weight of the whole set: about 750 kg