Digital training systems

Virtual training kit 3D MK-44 Bushmaster

Virtual training kits serve as tools to support teaching processes by means of interactive interfaces and with application of 3D models of real equipment. E-learning applications of that type enable, for instance, simulation of maintenance operations for systems and equipment or make trainees familiar with their design and operation principles. The essence of training consists in observation of 3D animations that are in line with technical documentation made available for users by the equipment manufacturer. The animations may define tools that are necessary on each step of maintenance or repair procedures with the option of on-screen comments or an off-screen narration. Therefore it is possible to teach how to use or repair specific equipment with no need to have physical machinery on site. Virtual training kits are compatible with the SCORM technology (Sharable Content Object Reference Model). The system enables implementation of procedures or training courses developed with use of equipment entrusted by customers or own documentation developed by OBRUM. Owing to compatibility to SCORM, operation of models for specific equipment can be initiated and verified by means of other sectoral teaching systems. The software is fully compatible with the MOODLE technology (open source) that is already used by Ministry of National Defense (MON). The application content contain hyperlinks that allow users to dynamically navigate to other components of the Comprehensive Teaching Database developed by the Simulator Office of OBRUM, for instance to interactive multimedia operation manuals or the Base of Knowledge. Virtual training kits offered by OBRUM are designed for operation in www networks, which enables data sharing with other equipment, like PC computers or tablets. Data can be stored on servers, CDs or own computers of trainees.

The virtual training kit 3D MK-44 Bushmaster is the system designed to run training courses covering maintenance and repairs of the MK-44 Bushmaster gun that is used by Polish Army. The system was introduced into Polish Army in 2016. The training kits enables teaching in a virtual environment, both locally in lecture rooms and remotely, with the use of tools for distance learning (e-learning). The training kit comprises more than 40 manuals relating to maintenance and repairs of the MK44 Bushmaster gun.
The virtual training kit also enables launching training tasks to:
• teach design principles of individual subassemblies, units and parts of the gun,
• makes trainees familiar with disassembling and assembling procedures as well as breaking individual units, subassemblies or parts down and reassembling them properly,
• make trainees familiar with operation principles of individual systems,
• make trainees familiar with rules for safe operation and maintenance of equipment,
• make trainees familiar with a kit of tools and measuring equipment to be used for maintenance and repairs,
• drill the acquired skills and perform the already learned procedures on virtual models of objects in unaided way,
• verify possessed skills and knowledge,
• search necessary spare parts in relevant databases by names or serial numbers of parts,
• etc.