Upgrade and modernization of vehicles

Upgrade and modernization of vehicles already in use by Polish Army

Vehicles that are in use by both Polish Army and foreign military troops have usually a predefined time of technical resource that also includes possible overhauls /rebuilds as well as upgrade and/or modernization. Such operations substantially improve operation and technical properties of equipment and enable its adjustment to needs of contemporary battlefields. OBRUM develops programs for comprehensive upgrade of equipment with structuring of such programs into independent technical packages that can be implemented independently of each other (altogether or individual ones) according to expectations or affordability of customers. Such an upgrade and modernization approach was applied to the Machine for Road Construction MID. The entire process was completed in line with the overhaul documentation developed by the project contactor and with consideration of technical and operation requirements. All performance capacities of the machine were fully restored according to the intended use whilst its units, subassemblies, mechanism and on-board equipment were upgraded and improved according to technical instructions of the manufacturer. The overhaul included:
• upgrade of the driving system,
• upgrade of the hydraulic system and adaptation of it to connection of new working appliances (a drilling rig),
• installation of CCTV cameras,
• modernization of suspension interlocks, control system as the system for position of the machine plowshare,
• installation of the auxiliary power unit (APU).

Upon upgrade of the MID machine, the customer enjoyed the following benefits: improved performance of the driving and hydraulic systems, modernization of the machine owing to installation of new appliances (drilling rig), improved visibility of the working area due to application of CCTV cameras, availability of supplementary power from the APU. Within the upgrade project, OBRUM was also subcontracted to develop the updated technical documentation for the machine.