Combat vehicles

Universal modular tracked platform (UMPG)

Polish Universal Modular Tracked Platform with 30 mm gun turret and antiaircraft missile launcher “SPIKE” is modern solution for present battlefield. Implemented systems like crew protection system, transmission system, suspension classify vehicle as one of the best combat vehicles around the world in its class. Universalism of proposed platform allow to adjust vehicle to current needs and demands of armed forces.

Constructions features:

• increased possibility to develop vehicle interior by adding additional storage spaces,
• increased driver’s working ergonomics,
• possibility of providing additional coupling on hull’s for engineering equipment like bulldozer or trawl,
• decreased thermal signature of exhaust gases by providing system for mixing them with air from cooling system,
• possibility to use additional composite armor modules to protect all parts of hull,
• possibility to decrease radar detection by using special paint with microwave absorber.


• OBRUM Ltd. original suspension: Shock absorbers with elastic bumpers – optionally hydropneumatic suspension,
• generator and air condition adapted to operate in “silent mode”,
• 120kW of deck electric power grid allow to adapted chassis as radar systems, stun weapons or command vehicle,
• modified NBC systems,
• fast mounting system for additional armor,
• modern cooling and fan control system,