Simulators and training workstations

Training workstation TH-1-TR2D with a virtual instructor

The TR2D training workstation of the TH-1 type is designed for initial training of commanders and gunners of the ROSOMAK Infantry Combat Vehicles equipped with the HITFIST 30-P turret system. It is the system that is a successor the TH1 workstation and in 2008 was implemented as equipment and armament of Polish Army and became the basic training device for crews of ROSOMAK vehicles prior to leaving to international missions. The simulator makes it possible to teach and drill skills of crews how to operate components of the fire control system (SKO) incorporated into standard equipment of the turret manufactured by Oto Melara. The trainings run in the real time mode and trainees can drill their practical skills necessary to prepare the turret to start shooting and then find and destroy targets. All components of the training workstation, in particular the console of control levers, imitate actual location of these items inside a real vehicle and are in line with operation and maintenance manuals for the turret. The simulator incorporates the Instructor Module that is an inseparable component of the system and enables configuration of training scenarios depending on specific needs of the training programs.

A module for development and edition of training scenarios has been equipped with components of battlefields and field test sites, like shooting targets specified in firing instructions for combat vehicles, other friend and foe combat vehicles, positions to open and cease fire. Such components enable instructors to prepare a training scope both to check skills of attendees under field conditions and to assigns specific tasks of combat missions. The instructor module contains a map of the operation field, which allows authors of training scenarios to easily deploy necessary objects and to the define such parameters as direction and speed of travel and time how long shooting targets show up. During the entire mission time the instructor is able to view current circumstances and also introduce some variable components, for instance any changes of weather conditions. The module keeps records with training results, which serves as a basis for grading of trainees.

The instructor workstation is an extensive tool that enable customized configuration of training syllabuses depending on skills of trainees and offers the following options:
• development and edition of training scenarios,
• supervision and monitoring of training progress,
• incorporation of additional components,
• system-aided assessment of trainees and keeping records for training results.

Advantages of training workstations:

• interoperability – suitable for cooperation with simulation systems of various resolution,
• adjustability to specific needs – the system is developed purposefully for basic trainings,
• dedicated design – the system was engineered on grounds of experience acquired by OBRUM upon implementation of the UST system for ROSOMAK vehicles, meets requirements of training centres,
• cost-effectiveness – the system distinguishes with rather simple design but performs all necessary functions with no restrictions to use it for more extensive simulation scenarios,
• compact structure – the simulator is based on one PC computer and two LCD displays, thus it is a system that needs no sophisticated installation in training rooms.