Test and certification services

Tests of power transmission systems (up to 600 kW)

The test setup for investigation of power transmission systems is equipped with four reducer of motor rpm and four torque machines, which enables tests of subassemblies with two directions of rotations, both in the motor and generator modes.

Torque machine 600 kW from APATOR Control
Rated power600 kW (at n = 1500 rpm)
Maximum rotation speed, capability to operate on full four quadrants4000 rpm

Torque machine 240 kW from MEZ Vsetin (2 units)
Rated power240 kW (at n = 2500 rpm)
Maximum rotation speed3500 min-1

Torque machine 75 kW
Rated power
75 kW (at n = 2400 rpm)
Maximum rotation speed3000 rpm

Gear reducer of motor rpm (2 units)
Power of the reducer600 kW
Maximum input rpm4000 min-1
Maximum transmission ration (plus three intermediate gears)1 : 6 (2,03; 2,14; 4,34)

High torque motor gear reducer
Power of the reducer600 kW
Maximum input rpm2000 rpm
Maximum output torque (at the rotation speed of 600 rpm)30 kNm
Overall transmission ratio1 : 3

High torque adapter
Maximum input rpm400 rpm
Maximum output torque100 kNm
Transmission ratio1 : 2