Development of technical documentation

Technical documentation for military equipment

The scope of OBRUM competences includes also development of technical and technological potential for overhauls of main battle tanks T-55, T-72 and other heavy combat equipment, such as vehicles and rescue cars or technical support vehicles. OBRUM is able to develop engineering documentation for repairs and rebuild operations, including:
1| delivery of overhaul documentation with respect to:
• technological processes,
• engineering drawings necessary for repairs and overhauls,
• lists of spare parts necessary for repairs and overhauls,
• technical requirements for repairs and overhauls,
2| delivery of spare parts and test equipment:
• spare parts for repairs and overhauls,
• special test equipment,
• special maintenance tools and instruments,
• equipment, machinery and special auxiliaries.
3| training of personnel, employees and supervisors with regard to:
• inspections,
• operation of equipment and STE and PMSE processes,
• STE and PMSE maintenance,
• quality procedures.
4| comprehensive technical assistance and support on every stage of repairs and overhauls,
5|  upgrade programs for T-55 and T-72 tanks as well as other heavy combat equipment (for instance rescue cars and technical support vehicles),
6| enhancement of functional and operational capacities of vehicles,
7| substitution of obsolete equipment and auxiliaries where manufacturers are no longer existing