Development of technical documentation

Technical documentation for commercial projects

Within the scope of project implementation, OBRUM develops full technical documentation with consideration of recommendations and follow-up remarks from already completed commissioning tests of specific products. Due to complexity and integration of numerous technical disciplines (mechanical and hydraulic engineering, electronics, pneumatics and others) and also incorporation of many aspects (properties, technical conditions for operation and maintenance of the object, operation safety, all protections and working conditions of a potential future user), such documentation is made up of a great number of separate files. Technical documentation developed by OBRUM not only includes engineering documentation, technical specifications or terms and conditions for disposal, which is usually included into operation and maintenance manuals, but also guarantees, documents, manuals and instructions from third-party companies involved in manufacturing of a final product. The accompanying documentation developed by competent scientists and engineers can be broken down into three major groups:
• user manuals,
• maintenance manuals,
• interactive technical documentation

Development of user manuals includes preparation of:
• instructions for safe use,
• software codes and software description,
• training programs for operators and maintenance staff,
• criteria for competences of operators and maintenance teams,
• logging registers for equipment
Within maintenance manuals OBRUM submits:
• instructions and procedures for technical maintenance,
• instructions for repairs,
• spare parts data sheets,
• list of spare part kits.
OBRUM uses the most advanced technologies to convert conventional documentation into interactive documents to facilitate use of information contained therein at any time or location. The accompanying documentation is an indispensable component of the entire technical documentation and, together with the manufacturing drawings and text documents, enables correct, safe and defect-free operation and maintenance of any products manufactured in the past.