Mobile bridges


Assault bridge on tracked chassis
Assault bridge MG-20 „DAGLEZJA-G” allows for quick overcoming of narrow natural and artificial terrain obstacles of 20 m width.
The bridge can be passed by all wheeled and track vehicles used in Polish Army and NATO. MG-20 is designed for army engineering subdivisions and tactical units.

MG-20 provides:

• high mobility
• short time of unfolding the span over the obstacles – up to 10 minutes
• maximum active and reactive protection for the crew and the equipment
• the ability to work in different environmental con­ditions, including contaminated areas

The span meets loading capacity standards acc. to STANAG 2021:

• 70MLC for tracked vehicles
• 110MLC for wheeled vehicles

MG-20 consists of tracked chassis PMG-20 and the bridge span PM-20.
A chassis is adapted for transportation of the span and unfolding the span over the obstacle. Disconnection of the span is made from the inside of the vehicle without the necessity of leaving the vehicle by the crew members. The chassis is equipped with crew members positions, fire protection system and other equipment enabling the crew to conduct the task in various terrain and combat conditions. MG-20 is also equipped with the devices designed to protect against shock wave, radioactive rays and war gases.

The bridge vehicle includes:
• armored tracked chassis with driving and traction system, vehicle steering compartment and the control system
• stacking unit for span manipulation (unfolding over the obstacle and taking off)
• sliding mechanism allowing to change the width of the spans from transport to operating width
• bridge props ensuring a vehicle stabilization during the operation (unfolding and folding of the span)
• main hydraulic pump which is responsible
• for power supply of the bridge
• emergency (24VDC) generator for a hydraulic pump with electric motor
• hydraulic winch HZ 090 of 100 kN capacity (rope dia­meter 16 mm, rope length – 60