Specialized vehicles and mobile structures

Mobile railway ramp 35T/70T

Mobile ramps RM35 and RM 70 are designed to ingress and egress of vehicles operated by Polish Army and armies of other NATO states (as well as other vehicles) with the corresponding weight up to 35 tons or 70 tons depending on the design option) onto and from railway cars. The pressure of wheels or vehicle tracks onto the ramp must not exceed 275 kN/m2.

Railway cars can be loaded or unloaded on a railway sidetrack or at any other location that is properly adapted for that purpose. The ramp can be used for ingress or egress of tracked or wheeled vehicles or other self-propelling machines as well as for pedestrian traffic.

Technical properties of the ramp are the following:

• it is suitable for operation within the range of ambient temperatures from -40C up to +70C, i.e. for climatic zones from cold, via moderate and up to dry or humid tropical environment,
• steel structures incorporated into the appliance design guarantee high strength of the ramp with relatively lightweight design,
• it can be fixed to rails by means of clamps, whist a tensioning coupler is used to attach the ramp to a railway car,
• foldable boards (compliant to NO-82 A201) are used to fill empty space between the ramp edge and the railway car floor,
• slipping of vehicles travelling on the ramp is prevented by the ramp surface with enhanced friction owing to crossbars welded to the ramp plate (a herringbone structure),
• individual ramp segments are assembled by means of pins,
• lightweight design of the ramp makes it possible to carry the appliance by humans (the weight of any single component is less or equal 100 kg),
• design solutions applied to the ramp are safe to the road surface and infrastructure and prevent damage of vehicles being loaded to or unloaded from railway cars.

The mobile ramps are furnished with a kit of wrenches and tools that are necessary for assembling and disassembling of the ramp. The toolkit is stored in a dedicated toolbox that is handed over to customers together with the device. The toolkit and other auxiliaries provided by the manufacturer are sufficient for quick and easy assembling and disassembling of the ramp.