Specialized vehicles and mobile structures

Hydraulic crane K-20 with the hoisting capacity of 20T

Cranes or booms with on-board or remote control facilities are rated among key on-board equipment of multi-purpose crawler tractors (WZT2, WZT3, WZT4) or armoured support vehicles MID. The K-20 hydraulic crane is designed to hoist and convey loads with the total weight up to 20 tons (travelling with loads suspended from the crane hook is also possible).

Vehicles that are used as an undercarriage for installation of cranes must meet specific requirements. Firstly, these are military vehicles, therefore they must be sturdy and extremely reliable to enable utilization of crane capacities to the maximum extent. It is why the designers aimed to engineer a really simple measuring system. The outcome of their efforts are two control devices designated as EO101 and EO400. Also a control system implementation based on the Weight on Hook (WHO) limiter of the MAK type dedicated to non-military applications was developed as well. Safe operation of the crane and handling heavy loads is guaranteed owing to the own-developed proportional hydraulic unit M4-15. Application of such a proportional hydraulic unit spectacularly improves performance advantages of the crane. .

The K20 hydraulic crane mounted on the WZT-4 vehicle that is used as a mobile undercarriage for the crane, is made up of the following key components:

  • hoisting gears,
  • rotation mechanism,
  • jib tilting mechanism,
  • jib extension/retraction mechanism,
  • tackle block,
  • jib,
  • crane base,
  • slings, hydraulic system,
  • electric equipment and HMI panel for the crane.