Simulators and training workstations

Driving simulator for the LEOPARD 2A4 tank

SJCL-6P is a modern training device for drivers of the LEOPARD 2A4 tank. It is designed for methodical training for the Leopard 2A4 tank driver Dedicated software allows to conduct exercises with various simulation parameters (e.g. traffic conditions, off-road terrain driving/training ground driving, climatic zones and weather conditions, different seasons and day time).

SJCL-6P device enables training of tank drivers in accordance with the requirements of the modern battlefield and improvement of soldiers skills in order to maintain a high level of combat readiness.

Simulator is designed for indoor use.

Driver compartment of simulator has been reproduced with high fidelity, especially in area
of control & diagnostic panels and observation (optics) devices.

Base components of SJCL-6P:
• cabin with visualisation system,
• instructor/operator station,
• motion platform (6DOF),
• hardware set with dedicated simulation software.

In order to increase the level of immersion, the simulator’s cabin is mounted on a platform with 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) allowing for mapping the displacements, tilts and accelerations of the simulated tank. Reproduce of realistic driving conditions is possible thanks to the simulation of overloads/accelerations and forces acting on the tank during movement, and interaction with the virtual environment.

In addition, dedicated software responsible for evaluation of simulation events and generation of virtual environment, is supplemented with spatial sound effects, ensuring a high level of training realism.

As a result of implementation of modern solutions in the field of design and software, the SJCL-6P simulator enables training for drivers of Leopard 2A4 tanks, including:

• operation of the driver’s compartment mechanisms and their effective use while driving in various terrain conditions (built-in database of several terrain maps) and weather conditions,
• driving tank in various groups/formations (e.g. combat, marching, etc.),
• skills to overcome terrain obstacles (including water obstacles) by mapping the conditions
as close to the real ones as possible,
• implementation of training in the conditions of asymmetric conflicts,
• recognizing potential threats and reacting in dangerous situations in road traffic and field,
• driving lessons in difficult terrain with the risk of the tank overturning,
• simulating physical phenomena related to the movement of the tank (movement model, tank dynamics, interaction with the environment),
• generating a virtual environment and simulation objects (generating image, sound and feelings related to the movement of the tank and the road situation),
• implementation of tactical tasks that could be assigned by the instructor, in the form of repetitive exercise scenarios, with use of databases: built-in objects, maps and simulation events,
• simulation of predefined tank failures and damage, learning maintenance procedures performed by tank drivers,
• conducting training exercises with the use of several cabin.

The SJCL-6P simulator is equipped with HLA / DIS communication modules (compliant with NATO standards) that allow for integration with other simulation systems.