Troubleshooting and maintenance systems

Diagnostic system for the MS-20 support bridge on truck chassis

Interactive documentation for maintenance and repairs of MS-20 vehicle
The Diagnostic Application is an electronic interactive version of the maintenance and repair documentation. The procedures included in the application are presented using spatial models, computer animations, photographs and attached test documents (in an electronic version). The data set available in the application is a synthetic combination of various components of the technical documentation, which makes using the system intuitive. Thus the time and expertise required to start maintenance work are reduced.

Applications of the diagnostic system:
• supporting the user in diagnostic and maintenance tasks;
• interactive support in carrying out the procedures of detecting malfunctions of key vehicle units;
• learning and familiarizing with the procedures of repair, maintenance, disassembly and assembly of vehicle units;
• developing and maintaining high skills in vehicle operation and maintenance.

Diagnostic system features:
• the diagnostic computer can be connected to the vehicle control system;
• learning mode;
• large integrated database of operating, diagnostic and maintenance procedures;
• 3D visualization (with animations) presenting maintenance operations;
• logging and reporting of maintenance operations.