Troubleshooting and maintenance systems

Data logger, so called ‘black box’

The data logger enables quick verification of equipment status owing to on-line readouts of parameters that are transmitted on the internal communication bus of CAN type. The device is able to read data from up to four communication interfaces of the CAN bus. Owing to wireless access via WiFi links there is no need to use any cable for connections. Parameters that are read from the bus can be immediately displayed in the visual from by means of any web browser on a dedicated website. These parameters, visible on the website, enable quick and reliable assessment of the machinery status and can also be saved into a file.

Technical parameters of the data logger:

• readouts and storage of parameters transmitted via the CAN bus,
• connectivity: up to four communication interfaces dedicated to the CAN bus,
• ability to view parameters captured from the CAN bus by means of a web browser,
• wireless access to the browser website (WiFi, Ethernet),
• access control to the browser website with the option of password protection,
• functionality to define various levels of access rights to read and/or write parameters,
• the browser website enables immediate access to parameters that are read in the online mode from the CAN bus,
• wireless access via a WiFi link enables monitoring of parameters transmitted on the CAN bus and displayed on the website with no additional cabling,
• various benefits from monitoring of parameters recorded by the data logger:
• facilitation of troubleshooting and identification /localization of failures,
• raising alarms or warnings in case of equipment failures or when thresholds for parameters displayed on the browser website are exceeded,
• quick and easy configuration – via an USB port or WiFi with the use of Ethernet protocol,
• other advantages of the device
• enables measurement of accelerations down X, Y and Z axes,
• on-board real-time clock,
• options to use the GPS and GSM location systems.