Unmanned vehicles

Control system for a decontamination robot

OBRUM has developed and tested software components designed to control land works. The developed solution makes it possible to control behaviour of a robot in an autonomous way. The RobUV project, undertaken together with the ZURAD company https://zurad.com.pl/ comprises a robot designed for contamination of land areas, enables implementation of software modules developed by OBRUM into the device control system so that to carry out the decontamination process with only a minimum involvement of the robot operator. The vehicle user can adjust the process of interior disinfection by determination of a travelling path to be independently gone through by the robot. Appropriate selection of the robot equipment (a set of sensors and drives) enables mitigation of the operator’s involvement into the process of a vehicle control to only observation of the autonomous robot travel and monitoring the image from a CCTV camera installed on the robot board. Should the system detect any obstacle on the robot travelling path, the operator is informed about the need to remove the hindrance or to find an alternative bypass. The control system can be monitored by means of an application dedicated for the system operator, which enables easy and intuitive operation of the system by humans. The already completed system components are compatible to the ROS system that has been used by OBRUM for past efforts dedicated to similar solutions. The operator’s application can also run on mobile devices since it is supports the Andorid operating system for tablets.

The key functionalities of the software include:
• development of a map created during the robot travel with storage of the map afterwards,
• definition of the travelling path on a specific map with the option of further edition,
• autonomous driving of the robot down the already defined path,
• detection of obstacles with safe stop,
• transmission of video images to an operator hardware.