Polish MS-20 Support Bridges: Empowering Military Operations and Forging Global Collaborations

During the parade of the Polish Army on August 15, 2023, the impressive MS-20 Support Bridges took center stage. These remarkable structures were skillfully crafted by the renowned Gliwice-based company OBRUM, a proud member of the Polish Armaments Group. Not only these bridges are currently in service of the Polish Armed Forces, but these are also in ambitious plans to equip the engineering troops with additional sets. The purpose of these MS-20 bridges is to facilitate the seamless navigation of even the most formidable obstacles for the robust military vehicles of the both the Polish and NATO  Armed Forces.

In the circumstances of war, where the time factor is of an essence and gaining a strategic edge relies on efficient deployment of forces,  mobile support bridges emerge as a crucial component within the arsenal of a contemporary military. Despite often being overshadowed by the prominence of tanks and artillery, these engineering marvels hold immense significance in the guaranteeing the success of military operations. While they may not always steal the limelight at military exhibitions and parades, their pivotal role cannot be underestimated.

Whether faced with a river, a trencherous gorge or a challenging canal, military bridges serve as an invaluable tools for overcoming such obstacles, even for heavy military vehicles like MBTs. Undoubtedly, the deployment of these mobile bridges significantly enhances the overall operational efficiency of armed forces. This capability not only enables commaders to maintain the element of surprise but also fortify strategic positions. Moreover, the mere presence of readily deployable bridges in various locations, within a realtively short timeframe, ensures heightened flexibility for the land forces. It is important to note that the inclusion of fillings between spans of the MS-20 bridge allows for not only the deployment of heavy military equipment but also the safe passage of soldiers and civilians. This versality is especially important during rescue operations following natural disasters, as it may facilitate the movement of civilians and their belongings. Additionally, these bridges may serve as a crucial means to transport heavy resque equipment, further enhancing the effectiveness of such operations.

OBRUM company, a renowned Research and Development Center equipped with design, testing, poduction, and repair capabilities, takes pride in being the mastermind behind the innovative structure of the spans and the hydraulic launcher system, as well as the seamless integration with Jelcz trucks. With such expertise, it is not difficult to envision a scenario where this Polish company could seccessfully integrate the launcher mechanism and span into the chassis of MBTs like ABRAMS or K2. OBRUM stands prepared and eager to embark on such a groundbreaking project.

The company remains committed to the continous development of the MS-20 Mobile Support Bridge design. In an era where armed conflicts are rapidly evolving, military bridges must also adapt. As a result, the MS-20 sets have been enhanced with cutting-edge electronic solutions that streamline the work of soldiers operating the bridges, all while prioritizing the safety of the equipment and users. This dedication to innovation ensures that MS-20 bridges are equipped to meet the demands of modern warfare.

There is do doubt that OBRUM puts significant emphasis on the ensuring the optimal functioning of its bridges and the substantial investment made by the Polish Armed Forces. To that end, the Company has developed state-of-the-art virtual training system specifically designed for MS-20 operators. This innovative solution encompasses a wide range of scenarios, including varying weather conditions and diverse terrain landscapes. The virtual training program replicates not only environmental conditions but also accurately portrays the mechanical components and the necessary procedures to be followed. This guarantees the proper launching and retrieval of the bridge. Additionally, OBRUM has created a diagnostic application for the MS-20, serving as a practical tool to support repair services teams in their maintenance efforts.

We would like to extend a warm invitation to join us at the upcoming MSPO 2023 Defense Show September 5-8, 2023 in Kielce, Poland. You wil find the OBRUM stand conveniently located in the Hall C, within PGZ pavilion. Attending the MSPO will provide an excellent opportunity to explore our extensive range of solutions and engage in meaningful discussions regarding the potential benefits they can offer. We look forward to meeting you and showcasing the innovative offering from OBRUM.