Digital training systems

Virtual 3D training kit for the engine of JELCZ 442.32 vehicle

The 3D virtual training kit is an advanced IT instrument designed for trainings of maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting of sophisticated combat equipment and auxiliaries. It is a set of procedures purposefully dedicated to the engine of JELCZ 442.32 vehicles and enabling execution of trainings related to maintenance and repairs of the engine. The key components of the virtual 3D kit are detailed as realistic spatial models of specific machinery and equipment that are subjects of the trainings. The spatial geometry of models is reproduced with such a level of detailing so that these models are sufficient to get familiar with the design and functions of the equipment.

Implementation of the training kits made it possible to achieve the following goals:
• improve safety of actual maintenance and repair operations on real equipment,
• improve efficiency of trainings with simultaneous reduction of expenses,
• execution of initial or periodical (refreshing) trainings no need of access actual engines and its subassemblies,
• increase equipment reliability owing to correct maintenance and repair procedures,
• improve attractiveness of trainings with enhancement of knowledge and skills acquired by trainees.

Implementation of virtual training kits designed to teach basic maintenance operations, necessary procedures to be completed prior to commence repair jobs as well as procedures related to operational safety of equipment allowed to achieve satisfying effects at relatively low expenses.