Combat vehicles

Upgrade of the T-72 tank

The T-72 is the most popular medium-weight tank make worldwide. Although nowadays it is regarded as an obsolete solution, its operational and technical performance can be improved by appropriate upgrade. It is why OBRUM developed a program dedicated to comprehensive upgrade of the tank. The program is structured into individual technical packages that are mutually independent and can be implemented altogether or separately from each another, depending on expectations of customers and their financial capacities.

The upgrade packages are dedicated to such subsystems of the tank as the targeting system and gun control unit, a power transmission gearbox with installation of a high power engine, an improved cooling system, installation of an additional passive or reactive armouring, a crawling system, a system for detection of laser radiation, modification of systems for intercom and external communication, navigation systems, detectors for tank protection against weapons of mass destruction.

Moreover, the upgrade program includes the following modules:
• training stand to teach driving skills and operation principles of the tank subassemblies (SJ-01 ÷ SJ-09),
• installation of minesweeping equipment on tanks together with a set of elongated charges to cover mined areas,
• delivery of multi-purpose crawler tractors WZT-3 that are seamlessly associated with use of T-72 tanks for combat missions,
• packages of training courses for operation and maintenance or upgraded tanks,
where the entire scope of the offer can be covered by capacities of Polish military industry.

Upgrading packages from OBRUM are accompanies with updated original documentation, supplementary drawings and text documentation for upgraded modules as well as operation and maintenance manuals that are in line with all amendments implemented into the equipment.