Development projects


The folding mobile bridge designed to cross watercourses and field obstacles MS-40 „DAGLEZJA-S”
As the follow-up of the program dedicated to construction of mobile bridges, OBRUM Centre developed a folding mobile bridge of the 70/110 class, designed to cross field obstacles and watercourses with the width up to 40 meters. The bridge enables tracked vehicles (e.g. LEOPARD tanks) or low-platform road trains with a tank carried on-board to quickly cross field obstacles. MS-40 is a modern bridge with a bridge span conveyed on a set of dedicated trailers. The mobile bridge is equipped with an manipulation system designed by OBRUM to unfold the span and place it on the watercourse or canyon embankments.
OBRUM Centre completed all jobs associated with engineering of the bridge, starting from the design concept up to construction of a prototype with passing results of acceptance tests. Undertaking of the development project dedicated to the MS-40 bridge meant an enormous challenge for the team of OBRUM professionals, incomparable to efforts of any Polish company before, since the project included development of the bridge documentation, construction of a prototype and execution of all tests. Nevertheless, OBRUM Center has overcome all challenges and a prototype unit is ready to serve as a pattern to launch manufacturing of a test series by an external partner. One must keep in mind that for many years OBRUM has been a high-tech company involved in projects that are crucial for safety and defence of Poland and the MS-40 bridge is also rated among such projects. OBRUM is proud that its former development, i.e. the bridge named MS-40 kr Daglezja is nowadays produced by the Polish industry for needs of Polish Army. It is the proof that efforts of OBRUM are highly appreciated by Polish Army, being the most demanding customer. .