Design and engineering services

Design and engineering of mechanical structures, hydraulic and control system

Designs of mechanical structures
Within the scope of mechanical structure designs the OBRUM competences include:
• strength analyses of structures by means of the finite element method (FEM) with the use of COSMOWORKS software,
• optimization of structures (distribution of loads, analysis of results, verification of the structure reliability),
• virtual tests of the structure subjected to verification,
• computer visualization and simulation of the structure behaviour under various conditions,
• development of 3D models, 2D drawings and text documents.

Engineering of power hydraulic systems
Within the scope of power hydraulic engineering the OBRUM competences include:
• engineering entire power hydraulic systems, from scratch to end, designed for mobile machines, engineering equipment, stationary and mobile building machinery, with ‘ON-OFF’ and Load Sensing (LS) control systems,
• selection of all components included into systems of power hydraulic, starting from hydraulic pumps, through filters and distributing valves, up to actuators, such as cylinders of hydraulic motors designed to set the working components in motion,
• application of hydraulic systems to control driving systems of working actuators, systems for stabilization and levelling of engineer machines,
• design and construction of hydraulic tanks together with kitting of entire auxiliary equipment (filters, oil level indicators, drainage valves, etc.),
• engineering and construction of hydraulic power packs, test workbenches, e.g. for leak tests,
• development of hydraulic diagrams and a complete engineering documentation (detailed engineering).

Development of automated system for control and troubleshooting of vehicles.
The Research and Development Centre of Mechanical Devices ‘OBRUM’ Sp. z .o.o. is a company that intensely spins off projects dedicated to automated systems of control and troubleshooting of vehicles. Owing to long-term experience of designers and implementation of the most advanced solutions, OBRUM continuously grows in the sector of automation and control of mobile machines. Prototypic designs of mobile automation developed by OBRUM stem out from intense efforts of engineers from various technological sectors combined with computer simulations. The prototypes are furnished with innovative technologies and application of them contributes to engineering of new generation products.
The indispensable component of automation and troubleshooting system is a source code of controls routines. Such software solutions for mobile machinery are developed in several steps owing to expertise and experience acquired by programmers in past projects The final step in engineering of automated systems for control and troubleshooting of vehicles are acceptance tests. It is the time when every object undergoes an exhaustive test of control firmware and components of automation systems are scrupulously checked.