Just some tests to complete …

OBRUM manufactured MS-20S mobile bridges for a foreign Customer have been ready for operation. To be approved for use, they have to pass final tests. The MS-20 vehicles, in service with the Polish Military Forces since 2012, to be able to be operated efficiently by a foreign customer, have been modified and adapted to specific climatic conditions of the recipient. The adaptation works for „S-version” bridges have included electrical and electronic systems, as well as hydraulics and corrosion protection. The vehicles have been coated with the climate-suitable paint. A group of 20 future operators of the vehicles is currently continuing training under careful supervision of the OBRUM experienced engineers.

The mobile bridges, in a similar way as in Poland, will be utilised – among other things – to perform efficient rescue actions in areas affected by natural and ecological disasters. They may also support rescue operations of the crisis management units and provide assistance in emergency activities in the situations of the risk for the population. An additional advantage of the MS-20 bridges is their ability to be driven on public roads, what improves their mobility significantly.